About Us.

In November 2018 two best friends Ruby-Jo and Isabella discovered they both had a strong interest in climate change prevention.

Isabella's interest was sparked by a lecture her uncle Paul Bracken (Climate Ambassador) gave at the Institute of Technology, Tallaght and Ruby-Jo's interest sparked by a visit to ‘Cool Planet’ (a climate change museum in Wicklow) on her mid-term break.

Energized by their new-found knowledge and mutual passion, they decided to have their joint 10th birthday party at ‘Cool Planet’. They sent birthday invitations requesting their friends to help them save the world and to ‘carpool’ to the party. On the day of the party, they wore matching “There is no Planet B” sweaters. Instead of the typical party bags they gave their friends plants. These Spider Plants were specially selected as they reduce Carbon Dioxide in the household and were planted in compostable pots. The girls believed their friends deserved ‘Clean Air’.

Isabella, Ruby-Jo, Charlotte and Eabha decided to set up a climate change club called “There is no Planet B”. Inspired by the girl’s discussions and passion, nearly all of their fourth class signed up for the club.

They began by making Climate Change Awareness posters and hanging these in the school. They presented on Climate Change, all the time eager to spread the word and save the world. Kildare County Council donated information leaflets and temperature gauges for the girls to distribute. In this way, the girls could start some climate positive changes in their own households. The young could educate the old!

Martina at Dross Evolution (Moat Mall, Naas) kindly agreed to provide a club premises for weekly meetings. Litter picking, writing and speaking with local businesses about their policies began. Fund raising activities commenced. Martina designed and built a club website www.noplanetbnaas.com. The message was clear, get the word out there, raise awareness and inspire real people to make real changes.

There is no plan b, no planet B. We only have this chance, this time to make some changes and prevent further negative climate changes for ourselves and future generations.

Club activities continued, on the 9th February, Ruby-Jo addressed 150 people at the Afri Feile Bhride, Peace, Justice and Sustainability Conference in Kildare Town to talk about Climate Change and made links with the Friends of the Earth Organisation. Issues such as sharing knowledge, raising awareness, inspiring others and standing together to demand change and to preserve the world that is already suffering the effects of climate change was evident.

On the 14th of February, Valentine's Day the club had their official launch and opening. The club wanted to promote loving the planet.  The launch was a tremendous success. The club provided information on climate change, staged a demonstration and utilised recycled art resources to demonstrate and educate about Climate Change and why people need to take action now.

The President of Ireland, Mr. Michael D. Higgins wrote to the club, his words resonating powerfully “You are so right to underline that we all share an enormous responsibility to protect our environment and to play our part in preserving the planet for our own and for future generations. 

As President of Ireland, I am very proud of the many young citizens who, like you, are constantly willing to rethink, re-imagine and re-consider the way we live, in order that real difference can be achieved”.

And so that is ‘us’ and the club invite you to be part of the ‘us’ and the ‘we’. We are all currently effected by climate change, some of us more than others. These changes are becoming worse, greater and the need to be active, to be part of the ‘we’ is growing in intensity and urgency.

This young club invites you to consider this, to review their website, to contact them with questions, queries and to become involved.

As they say

‘There is no Planet B’.

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